Reasons Why Your House is Not Selling in Charlotte, NC

Multiple reasons contribute to many houses staying on the market in Charlotte, NC, longer than expected. Most homeowners who are constantly brooding, “I need to sell my house fast in Charlotte, NC,” prefer selling to local real estate investors in the area for a quick and hassle-free sale. Here is a look at some common reasons that cause a home to have higher Days on Market (DOM).

You Have Overpriced the House

If you have overpriced your house, the chances are high that it may stay on the market longer. If the asking price is unreasonable, potential buyers may lose interest in the property as they may feel the house is beyond their budget and unaffordable. A home with an overtly high asking price is unappealing and may not sell quickly.

You Have Undervalued Your House

Pricing should be accurate because prospective buyers are also put off by an undervalued house. When they see an underpriced home, it is natural for them to feel suspicious that there is something wrong with the house and the owner is trying to get rid of it. Hence, setting the right asking price is essential to sell a house fast in Charlotte, NC.

Size of Your House

When a person plans to buy a house, they have a price range in mind and tend to stick to it firmly. So, a bigger home is a turn-off. If your house is the biggest in the neighborhood, many prospective buyers may not approach you with an offer as they may think of your home as being out of their budget.

Similarly, you may have a problem selling your home quickly if it is the smallest in the neighborhood. A smaller house is usually associated with a lack of features or expected space, so buyers tend to avoid such houses.

Issues with Picking the Real Estate Agent

An ideal realtor will have the knack for selling your home fast and will aid you appropriately. Your house may have a higher DOM if you have not picked the right real estate agent with experience and field knowledge. If your realtor is too busy or new, they may not spend the right amount of time on your house or approach the suitable sale method.

House is Cluttered

Your house may not sell if it is cluttered and full of stuff. If your home is filled with trash, the prospective buyer will want to run away from it as they will have great difficulty imagining the space as their own. It is essential to hire a professional staging service that will help you clear the clutter.

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